• Noelle

Love 💕

Noelle’s Notes: In the late afternoon I was getting ready to bake. I was trying to get the last of the flour out of my large glass mason container and lightly tapped the side of the inside of the jar when - 💥 bam the glass cracked. A small piece of glass broke and flour spilled out. My husband came home right when this happened and helped me clean up the mess.

Then he handed me an envelope and said here’s something that will make everything better...

It was a card from a dear friend who is like a family member. Over the past 5 years since my mom passed away from a rare form of cancer this friend and ‘auntie’ has always sent me cards, gifts and messages of hope and inspiration. I’m so grateful for Auntie R in my life.

My mom was my best friend and still is in my heart. She would always say, ‘I love you to the moon & back.’ My dear friend/auntie sent me this beautiful card & necklace saying she remembered my mom saying that to me 🥰.

I have always adored black cats with green eyes (ever since I was a little girl). The card with the loving message and the gift definitely brightened my day.

Love you Mom 💕

Love you Auntie R 💕

Love cannot be forced, love cannot be coaxed and teased. It comes out of heaven, unmasked and unsought. - Pearl S. Buck




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