• Noelle

Doenjang-jjigae 🇰🇷 🍲

Noelle’s Notes: Recently for dinner I made Doenjang-jjigae which is a Korean stew. It’s a soybean based stew and usually contains beef or shellfish. I’m allergic to shellfish and our family is cutting back on our meat consumption. I decided to make a vegan 🌱 version of Doenjang-jjigae.

Since I was making this dish vegan I decided to add carrots to make the stew more hearty. The tofu was delicious as were the vegetables.

I hate to admit that I love beef but I do. I bet this would taste amazing with braised beef short ribs. Maybe, I’ll make this with braised beef short ribs in the winter.

The vegan 🌱 version of Doenjang-jjigae was a hit with my family. I will definitely make it again.




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