• Noelle

Friday Night Dinner 🍕

Noelle’s Notes: my boys love eating pizza. I make all types of homemade pizza- Chicago Style Deep Dish, thin crust, grandma’s pizza.

Yesterday, my husband and son requested pizza for dinner. I decided to try a new recipe out. I used the recipe for, ‘American Pizza,’ found in the 1957 Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys & Girls. It’s a really simple recipe- basically flour, water, tomato sauce, mozerella cheese. I added Za’atar seasoning and garlic 🧄 to spice things up a bit. They loved the pizza and it was easy peasy- no proofing the dough.



more photos

Simple recipe!

I doubled the recipe which made enough to fit a standard jelly roll pan.

Betty Crocker American Pizza served on Corningwear platter 😋

Beautiful crust!!! 😋


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